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Outlaws: Last Chance

Published 1960


Although he is being hunted by the law, a young man decides not to leave town because he has been smitten by a saloon-girl.

Original air date: 10 November 1960 (Season 1, Episode 6)

Don't bother downloading the h.264 file; the Cinepack file from which it is derived is smaller.

Run time 45:50
Audio/Visual sound, black & white


Reviewer: Quigs - - January 4, 2013
Subject: outlaws
Outlaws has become one of my favorite shows on IA.
I watched it every week as a child. Last chance is a love story of sorts. It tells of a young man
name Harry wjo got mixed up in a failed robbery
attempt and an attraction to a local girl in the town where he was just runned out of. The man, Jerry Waldo(son of Janet Waldo) only did a few things in TV andmovies one being "Mother's in Law". But this shows his acting skills in front camera while "Mothers" only gave him walkong around money for two seasons.